By Rida Irfan

Going online is the necessity of the modern times. So why lag behind? Come on, welcome this change with open arms and don’t forget to follow these steps!

Are the costs of running your business soaring higher and higher? Are you thinking of closing down your company? Wait, we have a solution for you! It’s time to go online. Believe it or not, the cost of running an online business may be negligible as compared to the heavy financial burden that you are bearing right now. So why not give it a try? With all the businesses in the world going online and reaching their peak, why would you stay back? Why not earn heaps of money by just sitting on your laptop and sipping away a cup of delicious hot coffee?

Going online is a need of the time!

Well, under the current circumstances the digital world makes so much sense. I mean, who wants to sit back and watch their business fail? Now is the right time to take action! So take advantage of the modern trends and utilize this time to shift your business online. As it is said, ‘modern problems demand modern solutions.’ So the problems associated with the increasing costs, low margins and slow scalability in your company are demanding you to go online. And it is not wrong to say that all around the world a new era is starting; the era of digitalisation.

No doubt, the digital world is waiting for you with endless opportunities to offer! So wait are you waiting for? Hire a few technicians and start working on it right away. But wait, before you start, here are a few points to keep in mind while adjusting to the new changes:

Be patient. It’s not like you would open your eyes one fine day and all your business would be functioning online. Setting up a remote working system demands a lot of investment in terms of your time and effort. You would have to overcome unprecedented hurdles and stay steadfast in the face of all odds. Do you possess such guts? If yes, then you are well suited to take the giant leap and shift your business online.

Turn a blind eye towards criticism for some time.

 While you are experimenting with so called ‘remote working,’ remember to give some space to your employees as well. Give them some time to adjust to the new advancements in their work routine. You, along with all your employees, are suddenly exploring a route that has not been walked over by anyone else. No wonder, you are unprepared or have very little preparation for embarking on this unfamiliar journey. So keep in mind that you should not scrutinise your employees over minor mistakes. Allow them to experiment with these new changes and figure out the best possible way that works for them. So give your employees some time to breathe and see them flourish with your own eyes!

Demolish the comparison standards.

 Don’t compare the pace at which one employee is adapting to the changes with another. Remember, everyone has their own adaptation pace. Such baseless comparisons will yield nothing but disappointment! Keep in mind that every employee is trying their level best in these harsh times of uncertainty so a small compliment can go a long way while a little criticism could shatter the self-esteem of your employees; ultimately influencing your company in a negative manner. No doubt, in this moment of desperation, we are all figuring out remote working as we go on board. So, please be patient and kind with all the employees who are pouring all their blood and sweat in their work. More power to all the hardworking employees!

Undoubtedly, these are some baby steps that could set a base for the strategic planning involved in transitioning to an online platform. But don’t forget, there are many more points lined up in the process that are yet to be followed! Nonetheless, in these challenging times, there is a dire need for all of us to join our hands and work together towards transitioning to an online system. We need to lift each other up more than ever now! So lets hold each other’s back and dive into this endless pool of opportunities that the online systems have to offer to us! And remember, if you face any difficulty, don’t hesitate to reach out to Marsith. We have qualified professionals that are ready to help you in this time of uncertainty.

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