By Rida Irfan

Struggling alone would never make it! But working with team would mean enduring other’s outrageous mood swings. What to do? Where to hide?

In today’s highly competitive environment and mounting pressures, what can you do that could guarantee your success? As an employee with just average skills, how can you outshine others?

The answer is very simple; establish a strong bond with your colleagues! Instead of competing with your colleagues, focus on teamwork! Ten hands are definitely better than one. And what’s more, you are strengthening your roots in your company! Not only your boss, but the whole team is glued to your services. And alas, your value as an employee is increasing! So be clever and use this power!

But wait, it’s not easy to work with a bunch of lazy foes with continuous mood swings.

So how can you successfully work in a team?

Remember, everything is fair in love and business. So don’t sit back. Try out these easy tips:

Value your team members. It isn’t wrong to say that your team members rule your life! They are the kings with whom your bread and butter is tied to. So establish a strong bond with your comrades. Surely, their cooperation and positive feedback would increase your worth!

Go Overboard. What’s the harm in going an extra mile for your team mate? Even a small act would go a long way. So start collecting information about your comrade and put it to use. Basic steps like making a cup of coffee for your tired teammate the way he likes would definitely break the ice and cultivate collective productivity.

Forget the Script. Don’t sound like a robot by using standardised phrases while interacting with your comrades. Try to create a personalised experience by throwing away the scripted dialogues and making their needs the center of your discussion.

Hit the Nerve. Along with your teammates, it’s also important to impress your boss. Hence, analyse him along with your comrades! Take a note about his likes and dislikes. And don’t just stop there; show the boss that your product is specifically designed in accordance to his likes and preferences. Let him feel as if the products have been specially customized for him. And then watch the show of the boss becoming a devoted fan of your team!

Undoubtedly, the secret to a team’s success lies in establishing solid bonds and good relationships. So it’s time to pull up your sleeves and work hard!

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