A beginner’s guide for developing an Employee Assistance Program

Employee engagement; an easy to achieve yet a highly profitable task. Makes sense! Of course if you will invest in your employees, their dedication and productivity will increase, bringing you the desired results.

No doubt, Employee Engagement Programs often require lots of careful planning and cautious execution. But, what if you are leading a startup that lacks direction? What if there is a shortage of time but you are desperate to achieve your targets? Well in that case, we have a few facile points for you that could help you to kick-start your Employee Engagement Program. 

  • Set the markers of Employee Engagement. Pause for a moment and ask yourself, ‘What is the most important business goal that my company wants to achieve?’ Is it customer satisfaction? Well, then set the benchmarks of Employee Engagement accordingly! Encourage responsiveness and good consumer relationships amongst employees. Appreciate the employees who yield the highest positive feedback from the customers. And why not go as far as offering a few bonuses to such employees? After all their hard work needs to be paid off! 
  • Streamline your Company’s Objectives. Come on, who can work effectively in an organisation whose goals are unclear and vague? Imagine making a product while being blindfolded. The result would be disastrous, right? Well, the employees feel the same way when clear objectives are not given to them. So for the next time, remember to be specific! Instead of saying that our objective is to reduce absenteeism, be specific and say that we aim to decrease absenteeism by 10%.
  • Measurable Goals are the Backbone of Employee Engagement. Always keep in mind that increasing the Employee Engagement is useless until you find a way to measure its impact. I mean who would go bald scratching their head to increase Employee Engagement when they can’t even see their efforts bearing delicious fruits? Hence, adopt a data driven approach where statistics (such as increased number of sales) guide your decisions and actions.

Remember these steps while setting up an Employee Engagement Program. But beware, try to focus on only one thing at a time! Reducing absenteeism, fostering a challenging workplace culture and increasing consumer satisfaction all in one go may seem highly attractive, but the results can be chaotic. So take one element at a time and excel at it before you pick another one!