Marsith aims to deal with various stress inducing circumstances faced by employees at work place and deals with various stressors including:

Task demands
the uncertainty of not knowing where a job will lead you to and whether your job role, activities or tasks will change causes stress among employees. This stress manifests itself in feelings of time pressures, lack of control and concern about the career progress.
Interpersonal demands
we deal with various emotional dysregulation (offensive co-workers, abrasive personalities), sexual harassment (mostly towards women) as well as poor leadership (poor leadership style, lack of management skills, power mishandle).

Role demands
employees exposing to inconsistence or difficult expectations encounter role conflicts i.e. inter-role conflicts (two or more expectations or a single individual having two separate roles), intra-role conflicts (various expectations of one role), role ambiguity (confusion with reference to the expectations of others) and person-role conflicts (ethical challenges).

Physical demands
some working conditions that are physically demanding cause stress and fatigue i.e. extreme working conditions, strenuous activities, exposure to toxins, tough environmental conditions (noisy, tiring) as well as long travelling.

Assessment for Dysfunctional Effects of Stress
Marsith assists with evaluating the extent of dysfunctional stress in organizations through stress and psych evaluation programs which deals with the following:

Low job satisfaction
Psychological symptoms associated with stress
High job turnover

Increased absenteeism
Decreased productivity
Threatened and actual strikes
Increased accident proneness

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