Marsith Worklife Balance How to Achieve Work/Life Balance; 5 Useful Tips!

Harmeen Khalid

Are you having a difficulty in managing your day? Is your work life overlapping your personal life? Do you also encounter the anger of your friends and family who are complaining that you don’t give them time? Here are some tips!

People do talk about work load, a hectic routine or stress at workplace, but in all this they neglect another major problem of an upheaval family system. In this era of success, they forget giving time to their loved ones. People do strive to achieve a higher rank in society, be a successful businessmen or try owning the world, but they have stopped focusing on their family in means of love and belongingness. This development of a weak family bond eventually leads to major problems i.e. separation or broken families. Because guess what? Giving your best in not to lose a job, you lose your family. I mean is it affordable for you? Anything in excess can lead to drastic effects within your life and of course your mental health is compromised.
Okay so imagine you’re an entrepreneur, it’s next to impossible to call it a day; the business of running a business has a never-ending to-do list. But without a healthy balance between a robust professional life and a legitimate personal life, your work can turn out to be uninspired leading towards an uninteresting life.
So the very first step to reclaiming your life is accepting the fact that your work will never be ‘done.’ It’s unhealthy for your workday to end when you simply don’t have the energy to do it anymore. Then you can employ these five strategies to get your work life enjoyable and a reasonable personal life. You can surely manage your day like this and have a resilient life.

Committing to a departure time every day

– The most important step is to define your time frames. Giving appropriate time to on-work and after work life can boost up your mental as well as professional health. If you know you have a deadline to exit work at 5pm. DO THAT! I am not kidding, do that. Try to fix your appointments within your working hours. Because then comes your after work time. If your work time is more important to you and you don’t have an expensive reason to leave the workplace on the prescribed time, help solidify the habit of giving priority to your after work time by making appointments or meeting friends immediately after work. You’ll surely have an expensive reason to leave!

Stop working an hour before you stop working-

 Confusing right? Let me give you a tip. Forget about getting into a complicated project or booking a meeting an hour before your departure. Chances are you’re wasting your time or others are derailing your plan to take off on time. Instead, make a commitment to spend the last hour of your work day preparing for success the next day.

Protect your time & preserve your work/life balance- Don’t let your busy schedule make you think you’re extremely productive. If your days are full from start to finish, the opposite probably happens. And for good reason! If you’re the victim of nonstop meetings and commitments, start by protecting an hour or two a day and continue from there. Optionally, you can set things like “Monday without meetings” so you can erase some of your tasks without interruption every week.

Leave errands and personal ‘work’ for after hours-

 If you want to be your own boss the greatest perk the flexibility to manage your own time need to get some groceries? Need a haircut? Check up on Facebook? Scroll through your Instragram feed? No doubt these things can be catered during your working hours but as a result they can eat into your day more than you think. So if you want to leave on time every day and avoid estra working hours, keep the workday items focused on work.

Planning Ahead- Planning a roadmap of your priorities every week can make you a successful employee and a great spouse. You need to regularly keep an eye on this road map. Set aside some time every Friday afternoon to assess what you need to accomplish the following week, prioritizing time-sensitive tasks as you go. You might assign certain tasks to certain days, including scheduled meetings.

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