By Rida Irfan

Suffering huge losses in your company? Continuously hearing complains from your employees? Not meeting the targets? Now is the time; come on, change your perspective!

Ever felt that you can’t handle the work pressure anymore? Are you continuously failing to complete the assigned tasks? Can’t meet the deadlines at all? Believe me, you are not alone! In today’s competitive era of technological advancements, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay at par with the fast pace of the world. The employees are continuously expected to produce higher quality work within limited time and resources. Hence, it is not surprising that psychological issues like stress, anxiety and burnout are becoming increasingly prevalent.
Indeed, the World Health Organization reports that one out of every four people suffer from a psychological problem contributing towards huge losses for the company. Do you realize how grave this issue is? It means that there are numerous people around us in our office who are suffering right now. And their sufferance is not limited to their personal losses only but they are also contributing towards the low productivity of your organization in ways that you may not have ever thought of. Yes, you heard it right! Their sufferance is bringing huge losses to your company whether you believe it or not. Here are a few issues that your company may face due to the poor psychological health of your employees:

Don’t see everyone coming to work? 

Well, absenteeism and lack of punctuality is bound to increase, impacting the work in a negative manner.

Is your company’s productivity drastically decreasing? 

Employees who are suffering from severe issues like stress and depression can no longer work with the dedication, resulting in a direct decrease in the workplace productivity.

Lack of profits being generated?

 Are you in a situation where you can’t understand why your company is not generating the expected amount of profits? It might be because your employees are unable to give their 100% to the company as they might be fighting an internal psychological battle within them that may hinder their work quality.

Want to prevent all this? Just make sure that your company has the happiest employees and then see your profits automatically skyrocket with your very own eyes.
Well, the question that arises is that how can you ensure the well-being of your employees in the first place? Can’t think of any idea? Don’t worry; Marsith is here to help you. Remember creating a cooperative and satisfactory workplace culture is the first key for success. So here are a few tips that might help you:

Emphasize the values of employee well-being. Remember that most of the employees assign greater weightage to the company’s favorable values rather than the salary itself. Shocking, isn’t it? But imagine working in a place where there is so much workload that you are breaking your back and are not getting due respect in return. Will you still stay in the company despite the high salary? No, right? Now I hope it makes sense to you that you should focus more on the values associated with employee well-being rather than offering competitive salary packages.

Healthy Lifestyle is not only under employee’s control. As a leader, head or a CEO of an organization, consider maintenance of the health of your employees as your own responsibility. Seems difficult? Are you thinking why put an extra burden on yourself? It’s not as hectic as it sounds. You just need to ensure that the employees are provided with sufficient networking opportunities within the office. Simple steps like giving them lunch breaks or scheduling minor entertainment events like a cricket day or concert would suffice. An added bonus would be to get workshops arranged on topics like sleep management, managing stress and building healthy relationships.

Provide appropriate support programs. Have you ever noticed your employees feeling down and being unable to discuss it with someone? This indicates that your company lacks appropriate support required for the employees. Sadly enough, is hiring a professional psychologist beyond your budget? You know what? You can survive without a permanent psychologist by making a smart move. Try to create a fostering environment within the workplace that focuses on acknowledging diversity, acceptance and mutual growth of the employees. Take it as a challenge and let’s see if you can do it yourself!

With that being said, you must note that every employee is unique in nature and hence has specific needs that must be catered. Of course, competent professionals are required to identify and deal with these needs. Confused about where you can find qualified professionals? Marsith is here for you. We have a panel of competent professionals that specialize in identifying and dealing with the needs of the employees in a manner that not only ensures the psychological, physical, social and financial well-being of employees but also increases the workforce productivity, resulting in huge profits for you. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and call us right away!

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