By Rida Irfan

Sssshhhh! Don’t talk about your depression or anxiety, the boss will hear  it and fire you on spot! We hear such conversations daily at work, but do you know that embracing your mental health has uncountable advantages? Here are a few tips on reducing the taboo associated with mental illness.

No doubt, workplace is an ideal place to openly discuss mental health since all the employees come from different backgrounds and can bring different insights to this issue. Sharing their personal experiences about psychological health may make them feel light-headed, supported and understood. But before these discussions come into action, you need to eliminate the taboo associated with mental health. Seems difficult? Trust me, it isn’t. Marsith has your back!
Here is a short checklist for you that could help you to generate a resistant-free and comfortable environment where everyone could discuss their issues freely:

Become an Active Listener.

 You would be definitely surprised by the uncountable advantages that this simple step could bring about! Just attentively listen to your colleague who is going through a rough patch. But remember, avoid frowning and don’t pass any negative comments. Make him feel safe and supported and then see for yourself how they bounce back from their despair all by themselves!

Keep an eye out for the alarming signs.

 Check out the employees who are trying to conceal their mental health struggles. Does anyone around you seem upset? Do they spend a lot of time in the washroom mustering up the energy to pull off a smile for everyone? Do they disguise themselves behind fake meetings when they want to spend some time alone? All these red signals means that you need to take immediate action!

Be authentic. 

Be true to yourself about your psychological health. If you are anxious about being the best manager at work, embrace this anxiety. Don’t hide your struggles, rather acknowledge them. Indeed, this step is the key towards the discovery of your inner strengths! Numerous researches have shown that acknowledging your mental health makes you know yourself better and hence enhances your work performance as well as overall well-being.

Launch Mental Health Programs.

 Cultivate the culture of acceptance, flexibility and open-mindedness at your workplace. Arrange Workshops that teach employees to give the same importance to mental health as they give to illnesses like cancer. You should encourage everyone to speak up about their psychological state, without the fear of being judged. You should become supportive enough that others could easily lean on you whenever they are going through a difficult time. Make the employees realize that they are always loved and taken care of.

Remember, revolutions start only with a small change within a person. So what are you waiting for? Start adopting these strategies from now on. And if you feel that you need help, Marsith is always here to facilitate you! We at Marsith utilize a unique approach of blending awareness programs, open-ended discussions and Employee Assistance Programs to enhance the well-being of the employees, encourage them to speak up about their psychological state and reduce the stigma associated with mental health. Our experts are readily available to help you in making your workplace a friendly and psychologically healthy environment!

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