Marsith EAP is a work-based intervention program designed in order to assist employees in resolving personal conflicts that might be causing hindrance in employee’s performance. It consists of assisted workers with broad range of issues and keeps employees focused, resilient and productive at workplace as well as through personal life.

Counselling and Assistance
We provide a broad-gauged assistance and problem solving assessments under the supervision of compatible clinicians through online access and initial contact. We entertain our clients with confidential and secure counselling consultation with 24/7 availability.

Easy to Reach Facilities and Telehealth
Our focus is to facilitate employees with best methods of communication, offering them help at any time and helping them to have a clear vision towards their work goals and responsibilities. We provide full access to telehealth services, member web portal, and behavioral wellbeing support chatbot.

EAP Providers and Support Health Services

Stress is rising in the workplace and employees aren’t always reaching out for help. Marsith EAP providers deal with a variety of stressors and support health services including:

Quality Assurance and Customer Care
We tend to work proactively, helping both employees and employers to identify potential issues and take steps to nip them in bud or mitigate their effect. Our dedication is towards ensuring quality mental health benefits as well as advocating various work groups, coordinating and assisting orientations, report reviews and on-site events.
Group Dynamics and Individual Training
Our focus is to deal with distinctive behavioral patterns, attitudes and patterns of conformity within work groups and provide assistance to the managers in understanding group dynamics and adopting a right approach of engaging with others and groups. Individual differences will also be looked upon for better productivity and healthy work environment.

Work-Life Balance and Verdure Offering reliable services through our cortege of time management, patience and work-life balance resources for a stress free workplace and home environment. Resources include mediation services, child and adult care, personality assessment, conformity assistance and corporate activities.

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