Marsith focuses on the wellness and mindfulness of employees over time while dealing with both younger and older employees. This will help bring out the best of services which is essential for both employees’ mental wellness and organizational success.

Developing Intergenerational Relationships
A healthy relationship between the younger and older employees is fruitful for the organizational needs. Marsith focuses on:
Feeling a sense of purpose
Reducing the likelihood of depression
Feeling invigorated and energized at workplace
Developing a stronger cognition
Digital Mental Health Coaching
Marsith mental health programs are easy to reach and confidential entertaining a variety of topics including mental assistance, mindfulness and stress management. Clients receive effective feedback in order to match their distinctive needs.

Telephonic Mental Health Coaching
Employees can reach us via telephonic communication services. Our trained mental health professionals help clients to gain motivation, reduce stress, overcome obstacles and build success.

Equal Opportunity eLearning Program

Marsith equal opportunity eLearning program includes:

1)Access from multiple locations and different time spans
2)Self-placed training
3)Staff availability as per time suitability.

4)Client’s right to withdraw training at any time
5) The standard time period for a training session is around 45 minutes

Tobacco Cessation
Minor drug addiction and tobacco cessation will be done through Nicotine Replacement Therapy by our trained psychologists in order to elicit best outcomes.

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