To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we percieve the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others
Are you a passive communicator or passive-aggressive communicator? Do people often misunderstand your talks? Is it difficult to express your thoughts and feelings openly? Do you find difficulty in giving your opinion in a meeting/gathering? Do people get unclear or confused while talking to you? No need to freak out. There is still time; you can make yourself like an assertive communicator.
Let’s begin!
Communication is an important aspect; for organizations, industries, banks, offices, schools, and universities, etc. It is very easy to misunderstand or misinterpret other employees or individuals. Such misunderstanding sometimes leads to arguments or longs discussions and creates tension or distress in professional or personal life. At times, conflicts may arise; and communication becomes more challenging. Different opinions of two people may also cause disagreements in coworkers, which can lead to difficulties in the working environment. In an office/industry/organization, employees belong to different cultural backgrounds; their communication styles often differ vastly between cultures. When a manager addresses all the employees in the English language, but some employees do not understand English, they may misinterpret that message.
Communication is problematic in most cases. Sometimes, we overshare details in our gossips and exchange inappropriate information. When you are late for a meeting or procrastinate your work; the deadline is also here, but you are unprepared and do wrong acts without thinking properly; it affects badly on your performance. It negatively impacts on productivity, morale, and working relationships. If you misunderstand something in your working environment or personal relationship, you should overcome this while addressing a clear understanding. Otherwise, Communication issues may trigger childhood traumas due to tension or distress, poor physical and mental health, cultural barriers, poor listening skills, stereotypes, assumptions, etc.


How to resolve communication issues?

Here are some tips which may help you to deal with the communication problems:

Address issues immediately and openly 

Action should be taken rapidly to determine and resolve it at the point when a conflict emerges among your colleagues.

Set clear expectations 

 It is the most important thing everyone can do to facilitate the better and good communication is to manage expectations both in terms of what they expect from you and what you expect from your colleagues.

Focus on listening 

 Build listening skills, try to focus on what others are saying and maintain eye contact, be attentive but relax, keep your mind open and listen to the words and try to picture what the speaker is saying.

Respect and recognize personal differences 

 recognizing the existing differences based on the experience or what you have learned and others’ opinions is effective and better communication.

Avoid Slangs 

 avoid using shortcuts in formal communication like gonna with going to, wanna with want to, etc. Slangs are valid for professional use. Use proper words and sentences with your colleagues to avoid misinterpretation and get appreciation.

Recognizing such common working place issues can smooth the problems before they got out of control. Remember the solution to any problem is very important and for the sake of communication issues or any related problems you don’t have to worry. Marsith is a platform who always here to facilitate you. Their experts are readily available to deal with your problems. So hurry up and get help before they become worse.

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